W.B.O.  Recognises the Anthracite.

The World Budgerigar Organisation has officially recognised the Anthracite mutation as a new variety. A Colour Standard has been issued.

The Anthracite mutation first appeared in Germany in 1998. It has since spread to several European countries as well as the United States and Canada. There are no Anthracites in Australia yet.

The true anthracite colour is only visible in Double Factor in the blue series. In Single Factor the gene merely darkens the colour of the feathers. For example a single factor anthracite sky blue looks almost like a cobalt.

A Double Factor Anthracite Sky Blue is pictured at left. Other examples of Anthracites are shown below:


SF Anthracite Sky Blue

DF Anthracite Olive

DF Anthracite Spangle Sky Blue

DF Anthracite Sky Blue Chick