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Advantages of Tree Bark For Your Birds

Scaly Face in Budgerigars

Weight of Budgerigar Chicks

Baby Budgerigar Milestones

The Seafoam Yellow Faced Mutation

The Anthracite Mutation

Building a Photo Cage



The book contains sections on:
Budgerigar Care and Management
The Pet Budgerigar
The Rare Varieties and Breeding them.
Available from Betty Rea for $50 plus p&h if applicable


The Budgerigar Book by Dr. Rob Marshall

This is the definitive book provides Budgerigar breeders with detailed information on all aspects of keeping and exhibiting. The first 7 chapters cover the relationship of the wild budgerigar with its natural environment' Nutrition required for breeding success with exhibition budgerigars, genetics and breeding systems needed to produce show features are covered in the next  9 chapters. Health and diseases are covered in the final 13 chapters.

$114 plus $16 postage in Australia, $A35 Overseas. Bulk orders cheaper. Credit Cards accepted

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