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Annual Show 2018

 Best Rare and Best  Non Rare. Best and Reserve Open

Best Intermediate

Reserve Intermediate

Best Young Bird,  Best Novice,  Reserve Hovice

Levinia collected Best ans Reserve Junior on behalf of RhysBest in Show

BRASEA award for Golden Face

BRASEA awars for Lacewing

Colour Award


Best in Show - Non Rare Wayne Bender
Reserve Best in Show - Non Rare Wayne Bender
Best in Show - Rare Wayne Bender
Reserve Best in Show - Rare Wayne Bender
Best Adult Bird Wayne Bender
Best Young Bird Brenda Camarda
Best Open Bird Wayne Bender
Reserve Best Open Bird Wayne Bender
Best Intermediate Bird Bryan  Pearce
Reserve Best Intermediate Bird Wilma Bunter
Best Novice Bird Brenda Camarda
Reserve Best Novice Bird Brenda Camarda
Best Junior Bird Rhys Hugo
Reseve Best Junior Bird Rhys Hugo



BRASEA Show 2017

Winning Birds




                                                                               TROPHIES AND AWARDS

Best of Specials of the year Rhys Hugo
Best of the remaining Rares Gary Armstrong
Best of the Non-Rares Wayne Bender
Variety Improvement Award Rhys Hugo
The Rob Hugo Perpetual Trophy -Young Bird

Gary Armstrong

The Warren Wilson Perpetual Trophy - Adult Bird Rhys Hugo



Annual Show 2017

The Winners

Best Young Best Adult Best Non-Rare Best Rare
Best Intermediate Reserve Intermediate Best and Reserve Novice Best and Reserve Junior


The Birds

Best in Show; Best Young Bird;  Best Intermediate; Reserve Best in Show; Reserve Intermediate Best Adult Bird; Best Junior Bird Best Rare in Show
Reserve Best Rare in Show Reserve Best Junior Bird Best Novice Bird Reserve Best Novice Bird



RBC Windup 2016


            GRADE WINNERS






Tony presented  Carole and Barbara with a small gift as a token of our appreciation for the wonderful job they have done in the kitchen for so long.



BRASEA Show 2016


Betty won Best of the Non-Special of the year: Rares

Bryan won two classes of Non Rares

Best Recessive Pied went to Betty

Among many wins Wilma won the framed print for best B.E.S.

Gary won the prints for Lacewing and Dominant Pied

Wayne won Fallow with a very typey bird.

Following in his Grandy's footsteps Rhys took  out the Crest awards.

Betty presented Gary with the Warren Wilson shield which he won with his adult Dominant Pied

Rhys also won the special award (a medallion) for best developmental variety, with his Whitecap.

Tony was happy to take out a rosette for best Clearbody

Luke had a good day winning four of the  Non-rare classes


Dutch Pied was won by Peter Wright.


Annual Show 2016

The Winners




C. & B. Gearing Perpetual Trophy

Wayne retained the C. & B. Gearing Perpetual Trophy for Best Adult and Luke had his biggest win so far with the C. & B. Gearing Perpetual Trophy for Best Young.



RBC Windup 2015


Betty was happy to retain the Clearwing Trophy   Wayne won a number of Perpetuals as well as Best Open for 2015   Barry Fletcher has won Lacewing after some wins at last year's Agricultural Shows   Wilma's Black Eyed Self wins at last year's Agricultural Shows had secured her a win in that variety.  

Rob Hugo had his hands full after collecting Perpetuals two at a time.   Melanie once again won the Lovebird award   Young Henry Benbow proudly received his sister Carly's award for best Junior Exhibitor.   Wayne again won the Special of the Year, which was Cinnamon in 2015  
Betty thanked Bryan Peace for his dedication as President of the Club                 Tony Piercy thanked Carole and Barbara   for a great job in the kitchen, yet again.                         Bryan presented Attila with an Appreciation Certificate for his years of service as Secretary/Treasurer  


BRASEA Show 2015




Bryan was the winner of Best Non-Rare Carly was the Best Junior Exhibitor Robert was delighted with his Clearbody win Wilma won the Clearing class and an Award for developing the Goldenface variety.




Betty won all of the Pied classes Wayne won both Lacewing and Fallow Rob took out Albino, Lutino and Crest classes Congratulations to Rhys who won the 1st Prize in the Raffle the second year in a row


Nationals 2015

Western Australia hosted the Nationals in 2015

 The Front Bench showing the winners

Here are some of the WA entries:

Grey Green:  Norm Wheatley 11th Violet:  J. Lloyd & Sons 9th Dilute:  A. Robins 15th Goldenface:  Wilma Bunter 13th  

Opaline AOSV:  C&B Gearing 15th Clearbody:  I. Lloyd & Sons 8th Dominant Pied:  L. Trumper 5th Lutino:  C. & J. Huck 5th  


Clearwing:  Wilma Bunter 4th

Spangle:  Norm Wheatley 6th Dark Eyed Clear:  Betty Rea 9th Recessive Pied: C. & B. Gearing 2nd  


RBC Windup 2014

Rob won the Trophy for Green Melanie won for Grey Green Attila won both Blue and Grey Normal Betty with Black Eyed Self  

Opaline AOSV shared by Bryan and John Tony with Normal Violet John took out DF Spangle Tony won Texas Clearbody again  


Melanie was Best Novice and Best Lovebirds

Best Intermediate went to Barry Wayne won Best Open and Special of the Year David won 1st Prize in the Raffle  


BRASEA Show 2014

BRASEA Representative Rob Hugo presented the Trophies

Best of the Non Specials Best Junior Exhibitor Best of this year's specials Variety Award for Young Rare
Special Award for developing of a Rare  Variety (D.E.C.) Variety Award for Adult Rare Rob won the Crest class, presented by Betty Winners of the Pet Class Awards


Annual Show 2014

President Bryan Pearce presented the Trophies

Best Non-Rare / Best Open Best Rare Reserve Open Best Novice

Best Non-Rare / Best Intermediate Reserve Rare / Reserve Intermediate Best Lovebird Reserve Novice

Wayne Bender won the Gearing Perpetual Trophy for Best Young Bird Tony Piercy with the Gearing Perpetual Trophy for Best Adult Bird Betty Rea won the BRASEA Trophy for the Best Rare Nominated Ring Wayne Bender won the Trophy for the Best Non-Rare Variety
Wayne also won Best Open Grade Barry Fletcher won Best Intermediate New Member Luke Mayers was Best Novice Melanie Fletcher won the Award for Best Lovebird


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