2013 - 2007

RBC Windup 2013

RBC President Bryan Pearce presented the Trophies.

Tony Piercy won the Garnett Skuthorpe Trophy for 2013   Wilma Bunter won the award for the 2013 Special: Opaline   Betty Rea with her trophy for Olive   John Green with two of his four trophies
Wayne Bender received the Dominant Pied Trophy   Attila Kiss received his trophy for Normal Grey   The Crest Trophy went to Rob Hugo   Betty presented Bryan with his trophy for Best Novice

The Trophies


BRASEA Show 2013

Don Burke presented the Awards.



2013 Annual Show

President Bryan Pearce presented the Trophies.


Best in Show   The Front Bench   Another View   Best Miniature
Wayne Bender with his Medal   Melanie Fletcher: Best Lovebird   Rob Hugo: Best Crested   Janelle Black: Best Miniature
Wilma: Reserve Intermediate   Bryan Pearce: Best Novice   John Green: Best Young Bird   Betty Rea: Clearwing.Award
The Trophies            


RBC Windup 2012

The Trophies were presented by RBC President Bryan Pearce.


Bryan presenting Betty with a Life Membership   Colin presented Bryan with the Garnett Skuthorp Trophy   Melanie received the Lovebird Trophy   The Trophy for the best DF Spangle went to Attila  
Two more Trophies for Wayne: both Blue and Grey Normals   Betty won the Olive Trophy   Tony again won the shield for Texas Clearbody   John won two Trophies this year: Spangle and Opaline AOSV  
Wilma won the Black-Eyed Self Perpetual Trophy   Betty and Rob shared the Crest Trophy   Barbara and Carole - the great contributors to our kitchen.   Tony was winner of the Variety of the Year Award for Clearbody.  


2012 BRASEA Show

BRASEA Representative Rob Hugo presented the Awards

Winning Birds:      Albino Dark Green Recessive Pied Crest
      The Judges: Gina and Bob The Rob Hugo Perpetual Trophy won by Cec and Brenda Gearing The Warren Wilson Perpetual Trophy won by Sharon House

Betty Rea

Sharon House

Ron Minn Brenda Gearing

Attila Kiss

Gina House Rob Hugo Cec Gearing Bryan Pearce



10th  Annual Show 2012




RBC Windup 2011

The Trophies were presented by RBC President Bryan Pearce.


Bryan won the Award for Best Normal Green   John Green received the Trophy for best Cinnamon   Betty Rea receiving the Trophy for Best Olive   The Trophy for best Grey Green went to Attila Kiss  
Barry Fletcher with the Cup for Black Eyed Self   Jordan Dunn was Best Junior for the year   Tony Piercy won the shield for Texas Clearbody   The Award for best Love Bird went to Melanie Fletcher  
John Green with the Lacewing Trophy   Melanie Fletcher accepting the Lovebird Trophy   Wayne Bender won the Opaline AOSV Trophy   The Best Novice Trophy went to Attila Kiss  


2011 Annual Show

RBC President Bryan Pearce presented the trophies.




RBC Windup 2010

The Trophies were presented by RBC President Bryan Pearce.

Competition in some varieties was close and the Trophies were shared between Exhibitors.

Gina for Grant and Gina House and Linda for Malcolm and Linda Hinde shared Normal Green   Gina House and Betty Rea shared both Normal Blue and Normal Grey   Tony Piercy and Attila Kiss shared Grey Green   Barry Fletcher and Wayne Bender with the Dominant Pied Trophy
The Special of the Year was Albino. Betty Rea won a print of a painting by Rosalia Rafferty   Barry Fletcher with the Cup for Black Eyed Self   Tony Piercy won the shield for Texas Clearbody   John Green accepting the Trophy for Lacewing
Melanie Fletcher won the Lovebird Section   Betty Rea receiving the Trophy for Olive   Gina House with the Trophy for Opaline ASOV   Attila Kiss receiving the Shield for Double Factor Spangle   Linda and Malcolm Hinde won the Trophy for Violet ASOV



2010 Wanneroo Show

Photos by Gina House

Best Adult

John Green

Wanneroo Champion

and Best Young

John Green

Best Lovebird

Colin Chapman

Reserve Adult

L & M Hinde

Reserve Young

Betty Rea

Reserve Lovebird

Melanie Fletcher



2010 Osborne Park  Show

  Perpetual Trophies

donated by

L. & N. Kipling

Champion Adult

Overall Champion

Betty Rea

Reserve Adult

Reserve Overall

Attila Kiss

Champion Young

John Green

Reserve Young

Betty Rea



2010 BRASEA Show

Winners' Photos with BRASEA Representative Rob Hugo





Cec Gearing: Best Open Adult & Young


John Green: Best Intermed. Adult & Young


Betty Rea: Best Intermediate Crest


Karen Morgan: Best of the Rarest Trophy






Tony Piercy: Best Novice Young


Attila Kiss: Best Novice Adult


Wilma Bunter: Best Dilute Grey Yellow or Grey White


Jordan Dunn: Best Junior




Wil Kelder: Best Opposite Colour (Blue Series)


Judge Bruce Wilson presenting the Warren Wilson Shield to Cec & Brenda Gearing




2010 Annual Show

Best In Show Normal Reserve BIS Normal Best In Show Rare Reserve BIS Rare Best Intermediate Best Novice

The Trophies



2009 Annual Show

The Top Bench Cec getting his Award Malcolm getting his Cup
The Rosettes. The Shield won by SWBC The Trophies


2008 Annual Show




2007 Annual Show